Magical & Timeless Morocco: A Monarchy of Tradition and Glory

Magical & Timeless Morocco: A Monarchy of Tradition and Glory

Morocco, a country of deep culture & great hospitality is famous for its colors, Kasbahs and lavish souks full with hand woven colorful rugs from every part of the kingdom. I often times had asked my American friends who visited my beloved Morocco about their favorite cities, and was never surprised to hear the results. Almost every visitor of the kingdom favored Fez for its beauty & authenticity, and Marrakech for its red terracotta walls, richness and cheerfulness. Make no mistake both of these imperial cities and others are remembered for their timeless heritage.

As one of the most important empires in the Mediterranean region, the Empire of Morocco played a hugely influential role in both the history of Europe and Western Africa. Many dynasties from the Almoravid and the Almohad dynasties, dominating Spain, and the Saadi dynasty that ruled the country during most of 15th century followed by the Alaouites from the mid 16th century onwards, Morocco has been a constitutional monarchy ruled by the Alaouites dynasty until this day.  An emblem of greatness and royalty in all aspects of its social life.

Morocco, its culture, architecture, culinary art and monuments until this day, embody the lavishness and glory of a real monarchy. You can simply visit the imperial cities, and its ramparts at Volubilis in Meknes, travel through its Medinas in Fez, stroll the narrow cobblestone streets and visit its Riyads and its majestic homes, drink from its fresh zellij decorated & colorful fountains to be transported back in time.

Moroccan Zellige Riad

The ultimate beauty of the medinas lies in its wonderous Bazaars, full of beautiful handicrafts; everything from fringed mirrors made of woven Raffia, to decorative Tadelakt bowls and candle holders, to its hand painted ceramic plates and tea cups.

One can never experience the beauty of Moroccan culture while wandering its souks and medinas without savoring a cup of mint tea; a cherished social beverage all around the country. Moroccan mint tea is served in beautiful hand carved silver teapots and Beldi tea glasses. These see-through glasses are found in every Moroccan home, each piece is handmade and mouth blown from recycled glass only. 

Moroccan Couscous


Don’t leave Morocco without enjoying the most popular national dish of Couscous; a Friday tradition held in every Moroccan home, where families gather weekly to enjoy in unison. Couscous is made of vegetables, semolina, meat or simply vegetarian, can be slow cooked in this clay dish called tajine;  where most Moroccan cuisine derives its wonderful flavors of numerous spices and rich aromas.

Come back and visit our blog to learn more about the richness of Moroccan culture,  a true heritage thanks to its culinary Art, its Architecture and many other jewels and traditions. Come back and simply experience the excitement Morocco has to offer right here at Hulm Bazaar!

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